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Feel secure and be out of harms way. Always care for your handbrake and you have us as your partner. Avail Handbrake Cable Replacement package for an affordable price of only P 350.00 at Sendai Motors Sales Service Center. The package comes with FREE check-up on your vehicles every time you visit us for brake maintenance.


a. Handbrake cables can stretch, which means that you have to pull the lever up very high to fully apply the brake. Eventually, the cable will stretch so much that it is not possible to put the brake on its full application.
b. The cable can become rusty and sticks in its sheath so that it's not possible to put the brake on properly. Sometimes, this can make the brake impossible to release.
c. Driving along with the handbrake lever fully up will mean that the rear brakes are ON and so they will overheat as you drive. This will cause damage on the brakes in a very dangerous and expensive way. The brake pads will wear out and may even catch fire. The brake discs will turn red and hot and you could also destroy the rear brake cylinders. It will also mean that you are risking damaging the car's clutch, too.

Sendai Motors Service Center recommends having your brakes inspected every 3000 kilometer of usage, or every time you have your tires rotated, or every 3 months.

Come and visit us at Sendai Motors, with our head office Service Center situated at M. L. Quezon St., Cabancalan, Mandaue City. For more details, CALL US at telephone nos. (032) 347-0096 or mobile no. 09235257155.

At Sendai, we prioritize your own safety, thus, proper maintenance of your car brake system is a must.

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