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Should your vehicle steering or front control arms give way while you are in motion, it could be caused by a bad or broken Pitman Arm. You need to replace PITMAN ARM for an affordable price of only P 500.00 at Sendai Motors Sales Service Center.


The Pitman Joints If the Pitman arm has a joint that is worn out or sloppy that attaches to the center of the rod, or even the drag linkages, then you are looking at needing to replace it. See if it is the seat of the joint or an issue with the Pitman itself and check for any relevant inconsistencies on the part along its path of contact. Shake the Pitman with Both Hands Grab the Pitman arm and shake it with both hands vigorously to see if it moves, or is loose enough to rattle around. If you can move this arm with your hands, you will want to replace it immediately. Cracks, Breaks or Bends Check over the Pitman arm for breaks, cracks or bends in the part. Worn steering components will affect the front end of your vehicle, causing the tires to toe outward, wearing your tires quickly. If you find that any of these things apply to your vehicle, you will want to replace the relative parts immediately to prevent an accident while in motion.

To ensure good installation, come and visit us at Sendai Motors Service Center located at M.L. Quezon, Mandaue City. For more details, CALL US at telephone nos. (032) 347 0096 or mobile no. 09235257155.

Your car deserves a treat after a tremendous amount of stress and subjecting them to a lot of wear and tear. Care for your car, avail car services at Sendai Motors now!

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