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a. Poor cooling. If your air conditioner isn't putting out much cold air, it could be low on refrigerant. But an A/C system can still produce cool air even if it's lost up to 50% of its original charge of refrigerant.
b. The most accurate means of determining the refrigerant level in your A/C system is with a set of A/C gauges. The gauges will show how much pressure is in the high and low sides of the system. The pressure specs vary from application to application, but generally speaking a high side reading of less than 160 lbs. at 80 degrees F, and/or a low side reading of less than 16 to 22 lbs. at 80 degrees F indicate a need for additional refrigerant.
c. If you see oily streaks radiating outward around the compressor shaft seal, or wet oily areas around hose connections, it means refrigerant is leaking from your system. This too, may indicate a need for additional refrigerant to replace that which has been lost.


An air conditioner has three main parts. A condenser, a compressor, and an evaporator. The condenser and evaporator are, more or less, two radiators connected in a loop. The compressor is situated between them on one side of the loop. The system is sealed from the outside, and filled with a working fluid, in this case FREON-134a. The compressor takes low pressure, gaseous, r-134a, compresses it (which creates heat), then sends it to the condenser, where the heat is dissipated to the outside. After the condenser, liquid refrigerant travels to the evaporator, located inside the passenger compartment, where it is allowed to expand, removing heat and cooling the evaporator. The fan directs air over the evaporator, then out the air vents in your car.

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Feel the chill and coolness inside your car and if there's a need for you to recharge the Freon, do it Sendai Motors. The package includes FREE CHECK-UP of your FREON.

Voucher Details
  • *Recharging of Freon and to maintain its exact amount.
  • *Brand of Freon: 134a
  • *Save up to P101.00 from the original price.
  • *Package rate is valid for multicabs and auto with single aircon.
  • *Voucher is valid within six months from date of purchase.
  • *Voucher is valid for cars with single aircon .
  • *Voucher includes labor and recharge of Freon only.
  • *Vouchers are strictly non-refundable and cannot be exchanged after the validity period .
  • *Price is inclusive of taxes.
  • *Printed Sendai Hot Deal voucher is required upon redemption.
  • *Voucher is transferable and can be given as a gift to family and friends.
  • *For reservation, please call 24 hours prior to preferred date to avail the voucher at telephone nos. (032) 347-0096 or mobile no. 0923 5257155.
  • *Avail of our Freon recharging package and buy as many vouchers as you want.

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  • Condition: Brand New

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