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Installing a spoiler on a car provides a variety of benefits for owners. The main benefits, perhaps, are for better traction and to add a sporty look, but also include other advantages, such as increased fuel efficiency, added visibility, reduced car weight, and braking stability.

Benefit 1: Maintain Traction

The main benefit of installing a spoiler on a car is to help it maintain traction at very high speeds. Generally, when a car goes very fast (over 70 miles per hour), the air pressure can lift the car, which makes it difficult to maneuver the car without the danger of having it spin out of control. Rear spoilers, in particular, push the back of the car down so the tires can grip the road better and increase stability.

Benefit 2: Increase Fuel Efficiency

Front car spoilers or air dams can actually increase gas mileage in some cars. Since these types of spoilers reduce the drag (instead of increasing it) by pushing the air around the car, it does lower the amount of energy (fuel) the car needs to burn to propel itself forward.

Benefit 3: Added Visibility

Another advantage of installing a rear spoiler on a car is the added visibility. This means other drivers on the road can easily see the car and prevent rear-end collisions and other types of accidents. Certain spoilers, such as trunk cap spoilers, even have brake lights at eye-level so the driver behind can easily be alerted when the car is slowing down or braking.

Benefit 4: Reduce Weight

Believe it or not, a spoiler can reduce the weight of a vehicle. While this may seem counter intuitive, it makes sense in a way. The only thing keeping a car stable on the road is its weight. However, having a spoiler means that the car manufacturer can reduce the weight of the car by using lighter materials or doing away with unnecessary weight, without worry that driving at high speeds will cause the car to become unsteady and fly off the highway.

Benefit 5: Create a Stylish Look

Most car owners install spoilers as a fashion accessory and spoilers do a pretty good job of making a car look cool. This idea first became popular in the 1970s, when Porsche introduced the 911 Turbo, which featured whale tail spoilers on the back. Today, many cars come with built-in spoilers to evoke that sporty look, though many aftermarket spoilers are available for a wide variety of car makes and models.

Benefit 6: Increase Braking Stability

Adding spoilers that raise the downward force on the back of the car not only increases traction, but the braking ability as well. Drivers will have an easier time braking, even at high speeds, making driving even safer.

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Voucher Details
  • Spoilers are added to cars and other vehicles to make them more aerodynamic.
  • Package available for all types of multicabs or similar units.
  • Avail Spoiler Installation Package for a lower price of only P 2,899.00.
  • Save up to P 101.00 from the original price.
  • Voucher is valid within six months from date of purchase.
  • Voucher is valid for all types of multicab or similar units.
  • Voucher includes SPOILERand installation on your vehicle.
  • Vouchers are strictly non-refundable and cannot be exchanged after the validity period.
  • Price is inclusive of taxes.
  • Printed Sendai Hot Deal voucher is required upon redemption.
  • Voucher is transferable and can be given as a gift to family and friends.
  • For reservation, please call 24 hours prior to preferred date to avail the voucher at Customer Service Hotline nos. (032) 347-0096 or Mobile No.: 0923-5257155.
  • Avail of Spoiler Installation Package and buy many vouchers as you want.

Product Technical Details
  • Condition: Brand New

Customer Questions & Answers
  • good evening...gusto ko mo order ani spoiler kaso dia an place ko sa siargao?
  • Hi Sir Ariel, good day! Thank you for choosing Sendai Motors Online Shopping. Yes, you can avail our Spoiler but we cannot install in Siargao, we cater installation package only in our Cebu Branch. If you wish to avail Spoiler, we can deliver the item in our Surigao Branch. For more details, please contact our Customer Hotline no. (032) 347-0096 or 0923-5257155. Thank you.
  • unsa prices sa inyo spoiler? i want a spoiler that fits on hyundai accent kanang cool tan.awon.. THanks!
  • Hi Sir Jeremy, good day! Thank you for your interest at Sendai Motors. Our Spoiler is applicable on multicab only. For more details, please contact our Customer Hotline no. (032) 347-0096 or 0923-5257155. Thank you.
  • Good day Sendai Motors, gusto ko sanang bumili ng Suzuki Spoiler, Dipolog City po ako.
  • Thank You for inquiring with us. Our contact number in our Dipolog branch is 9474671652. Thanks
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