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Tune-up your car and get the best performance on engine plus increase fuel mileage.


a. AIR FILTERS: The air filters in our cars can become clogged and dirty, and thus dirty air is getting into a great variety of parts in our cars, including the intake manifold, throttle body and the actual engine itself. With new filters can power up your engine, safety in driving, and in gas mileage alone will be well worth the savings.

b. FLUID FLUSH: All of the liquids in your car are there for a reason, and keeping those fluids clean and properly filled help make sure that your car runs right, and do not risk breaking down at a bad time.

c. CAR BATTERY: Tuning up your car battery is important for a number of reasons, and is essential for starting your vehicle and making sure that some of the most important parts are functioning well.

d. WHEELS: One of the most important components of your car is your tire. To tune-up tires includes checking up every tire for defects or damages which may have occurred during everyday driving, check the tire pressure and as well as the tread depth. Tune-up your tires because no one can put a price on safety.

e. BELTS AND OTHER INTERNAL COMPONENTS: Most belts in your car are crucial to its operation, and remember that a snapped timing belt can spell instant demise for your vehicle's engine. Tune - up your belts to check if its in good shape and if not they should be replaced. Belts are an area where it is important not to be greedy; replacing your belts now can save you massive amounts of trouble in the future.

f. BRAKES AND BRAKING SYSTEM: Almost every car owner knows that brakes are that incredibly important component that stops your car from moving. Now that we know how important brakes are, it makes sense to tune them up and all of their relating components, such as the brake pads, calipers, brake lines and the rotors.

Come and visit us at Sendai Motors Service Center is located at M.L. Quezon, Mandaue City. For more details, CALL US at telephone nos. (032) 347-0096 or mobile no. 09235257155.

Your car deserves a treat after a tremendous amount of stress and subjecting them to a lot of wear and tear. Care for your car. Tune up now at Sendai Motors!

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  • * Car tune-up.
  • * Avail Sendai Motors tune-up package for an affordable price of only P 749.00.
  • * Package rate valid for vehicles with gasoline engine.
  • * Service provider: Skilled mechanics of Sendai Motors.
  • * Voucher is valid within six months from date of purchase.
  • * Voucher is valid for vehicles with gasoline engine.
  • * Voucher includes labor only.
  • * Vouchers are strictly non-refundable and cannot be exchanged after the validity period.
  • * Vouchers are strictly non-Price is inclusive of taxes.
  • * Printed Sendai Hot Deal voucher is required upon redemption.
  • * Buy as many vouchers as you want.
  • * Voucher is transferable and can be given as a gift to family and friends.
  • * Avail of our car tune up package and buy many vouchers as you want.

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  • Condition: Brand New

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